Indeed, what a long, strange trip it's been!  Spirit is guiding (or should we say, pushing) us to reach out to the community at large, and gather the souls who are now ready to begin their journey, toward truths not taught at large. 

The missing link was not "found", 'cause then the jig would be up!  We live in a "free will" universe, yet certain groups have been breaking universal law on this planet for millennia; continuing to do so by manufacturing fear and chaos, dividing and conquering nations, by maliciously spreading untruths and stoking prejudices!!!

We stand on the horizon of a brand new world - we do not have to join this "Brave New World" (pun intended).  It is up to us - me, you & 'them', et all, to create the future we want.  India is the only country to have mastered the game - they simply refused to "play the game" - and sat down...

Cynicism is a comfort zone to some.  All truth goes through 3 phases: First it is ridiculed, next it is violently opposed, finally, it is seen as self-evident. 

In our understanding, peace can only be achieved through respect and communication.  We must overcome the divisions that have been wedged by the warmongers - for in unity there is strength.  Unity does not mean "sameness"!  Everyone is - and should be - different, as we each have unique abilities, and these combined, make the whole... like the universe itself.  We are made of the same stuff as the stars - energy - and we each have a distinct vibration.

The symphony must begin anew... and our children will ALL rejoice with the angels!!!

It’ll take an unshakable belief, and the armament of a spiritual warrior – but it CAN BE DONE, by YOU, and ME, and THEM…  The hard part is merely beginning… yet, the rest of anyone’s life, always begins, today.